3 Lessons From Losing My Key

Today I lost my key. I don't know how or when exactly it happened, I woke up this morning, checked my daily horoscope and the daily devotional my sister sends every morning. As usual, they had encouraging and insightful things to say but it was routine, it was supposed to happen that way. I went on to reply the morning messages and update myself on news, emails and stuff like that. Did a few press ups and then I noticed that my key wasn't in the keyhole. I searched my room and my last known destinations and I still couldn't find it. That's something that caught my attention because it's not routine for me to lose my key. In fact, I almost never lose my key.

 Fun fact about keys and locks:

The oldest known lock was uncovered in the ruins of Nineveh, the capital of ancient Assyria.
I digress a lot and that's because I have a lot to say. Apparently, talking to yourself isn't part of socializing and because I'm a loner, I tend to store up a lot of information on a few things. I did it again🤦🏾‍♂. What was I talking about?🤔. Oh yes, I lost my key. "what's all this fuss about your key?" you might ask. Well, for the past 5 years, there are two things that I have never lost, my single room key and my ability to write. Losing my key made me realise that as my key, my ability to write is something I always undervalued and overlooked.

I get a lot of joy from writing. Especially when it comes from my heart and personal experience. Writing reminds me that I have something no other person has or will ever have and that means what I can do is unique and every time you read anything from me, it's a blessing to both of us. What's that one thing only you can do? Have you ever given it any thought?

While you reflect, let me be the next person to tell you that it's not always as rosy as some people would have you believe. It's difficult to manifest your full potential and sometimes, not doing flawlessly what you prefer doing can hurt and discourage in ways only you can fathom. I had misplaced my ability to write for a while. Couldn't see the need, passion or energy to write for about a week. I'm a careful person, so careful I help people find things they misplaced, lost, want or don't know they need. I am so careful people call me "The plug from emall.ng". If you don't know about emall.ng, click here to sign up https://www.emall.ng/user-signup

To save your time, I'll round up my story here. I still haven't found my key even though I got a spare. My ability to write is coming back, piece by piece. Turns out a little frenemy called depression attempted to steal it. Yes, attempted because it broke in and almost got away with it. Depression is another thing I know a little about and soon I'll share how to restrain it. But if there are 3 things you need to learn from my story today, they are

1) If you're going to socialize, do it with another person, like me. I cannot overemphasize the importance of sharing with other people. You can be selfish with your food but please don't deny the world your wonderful stories and experiences. There's a lot we can learn from you. Another benefit of sharing is that we don't know where the next Bill Gates or Elon Musk will get their inspiration from. Who says it can't be from you? Text me (+2347061554392) and we will share insightful, entertaining and encouraging stories.

2) Depression is the enemy and I can walk you through a series of steps on how to conquer it. What I can't do is tell you how many people have reached out to me to talk about depression and what it has taken from them. Depression is a thief of joy, a killer of ambition and a destroyer of destinies. Surely, you don't believe that you came to earth to only enjoy the amazingness of the human race. No, you are here for more and you shouldn't let anything stand between you and your dreams.

3) Talking about opening doors, your ability to do that thing only you can do is the only door you need to keep open. I hate to go religious or motivational speaker on you but it's true, "your gift will make room for you". Almost everyone who ever did anything great or worthy started with what they had. That rewards from using and investing the 5, 2 or 1 talent you have are worth more than the comfort you enjoy today. Sometimes all you need is to connect to other people that want the same thing as you, to live a fulfilled life.

What else did you learn from my story? Please share your thoughts and suggestions. Also, share with your loved ones and contacts.
For my gift to you, sometimes we get so stuck that we need people to talk to. Well, I'm happy to inform you that I'm here for you. Talk to me and let's see how we can attempt to recover your freedom and happiness.
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