4 ways Nigerian sellers/entrepreneurs can increase business sales.

No matter what business you’re into, selling should be your top priority as it is for other entrepreneurs in the same market as you. A mentor once told me that the market you’re selling to is either buying from you, your competitors or still dormant and it is your job to spend every waking hour and effort trying to capture them. I have spent a few months watching and interacting with Nigerian entrepreneurs from different markets, and here are some of the top reasons why you're not selling as much as you want.

PRICING: At the top of our list is pricing, and there are three reasons the pricing of your products is a top reason. I’ll explain with a personal story. One lovely Saturday evening, I was on Twitter catching up, and I ran into an advert of a beautiful Nigerian-made shoe. Never really bought anything online so I thought I’d try for the first time. Even though I had heard of scams from different vendors, I was bent on getting that shoe. I opened the tweet hoping I’d see an affordable price, and to my surprise, there was nothing except “DM for price”. I mean, the last thing I needed was asking for the price of a shoe. On pricing, here are my tips

1) Please don’t ask your clients to DM for the price; it’s a turnoff. I wouldn’t have bothered if I wasn’t interested in getting a new shoe for my first day at the job. Put the price upfront and know that anybody that shows interest is willing to purchase your product. The attention of most humans is 6 seconds, and you’re losing them with the DM thing.

2) Have a stable price. There’s no better way to say this, and you stand a chance of losing customers as well as incurring real scandals if your buyers feel cheated because you were trying to squeeze a deal.

3) I can’t tell you how much to sell your product but starting; you need to make your products affordable, at least for your market.

NOT ENOUGH MARKETING: I really can't emphasise this enough. Every time I get a new marketing gig, my first questions are always centred around the marketing plan. Most businesses believe that freestyling the marketing of their company does not affect revenue, and I hope you're not one of those people. To get more customers, you need to invest in intentional and targetted customers. My day job is to help businesses like yours develop and execute a marketing plan. I have seen companies 4x their sales and come back with inspiring testimonies, and I hope I can extend that service to you. I will manage your social media channels and advertise your business to the right audience for way cheaper than others. Call, text or WhatsApp 07061554392 or click wa.me/2347061554392. With N39,999, you could receive more than 100 potential customers on your Whatsapp business line. Let's talk more.

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