Depression; The enemy. Isolation; The strategy. Love; The Counter-Strategy.

Back in primary school, I used to get bullied by this guy. I know it may come as a surprise to you because I look all macho and brave now 😂 , but there was a time when someone picked on me because of my size. I didn't like that very much and had to get back at him. So, I got two of my ride or die buddies, presented my case, and we agreed to take him on. You see the thing with bullies is that they move in groups and so standing up for yourself is somewhat difficult. Anyway, we planned and decided that the best time to take him on was when he was isolated. It worked perfectly, on the last day of school, we waited till his friends had gone home and then we ambushed him. Last night, I realised that every enemy uses this strategy of isolation and depression isn't any different.

I have read and analysed a few suicide cases, and I realised that the victims don't decide to take their lives because they feel too loved. It's quite the opposite, and it's obvious, depression comes when you feel alone. The strategy is to make you feel like whatever it is you're going through is unique and no other person would understand even if you tried to explain to them. I'll be logical and agree that it might be true, what you go through may be too complicated for another human to understand, but it does not mean that you shouldn't try to seek help.

If isolation is the strategy, then what should be the counter strategy? Love, lots of it.

I am a religious person, and a lot of my faith and hope comes from and is in God, so that is the first counter strategy. I have realised that sharing your problems with your creator helps, after all, He is your creator. You might not get the feedback you expect, but sharing with your maker helps because at least you know you've been heard and no creates something they don't love. Besides, God is ❤. You may not be religious, and that is okay, it's why you have friends and family.

Talking to the ones that love you the most is another way to combat depression, it may be a temporary fix because, in the end, all you have is yourself and sooner or later, you will be left alone with your mind. But sometimes, just being around loved ones helps. Leave your room or house and hang out with friends and family, make jokes and have fun because depression hates that. It hates seeing you joyful.

Work: Like you, I have been a victim of depression multiple times, and the one thing that has sometimes gotten me out of it is my work. You see, every warfare is a battle for territory and the one with depression is no different — Depression fights for control over your mind and to fight back, you need to keep it occupied, you need to show who's boss. What do you love doing? What's your passion? What's that one thing that gets on and off? That is what you should do when you feel depressed. I say "feel" because that's all it is, a feeling and if you fight it long enough, it will fade away.

If all these don't work, then please contact the mental health helplines in your city or state. Or contact me on WhatsApp +2347061554392 or click this link Or email me at Don't forget, depression is the enemy and isolation is its only strategy.

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  1. I totally agree with you. It creeps up on you when you’re alone. Really love this post & I think the more people talk about depression, the more people are reached.

  2. I must commend you for writing about this. Not so many people talk about depression. More awareness should be created on depression, Mental health and it’s going to go a long way in the society. I enjoyed reading this.