"Mshiha qam", The Greatest Love of all time.

Beautiful, sensible and intelligent, what else could a 14-year old seek in a girlfriend. While my girlfriend and her boyfriend were one a four day trip to the exceptional Obudu cattle ranch, Blessing and I found we naturally desired each others company. We talked for hours every day, laughed at each other's jokes like old soulmates, we even saw a shooting star on a night out, it had to be true love right? Given the signs Dr. Cupid sent to us, we promised to break up with our partners so we could be together, forever 😂😂. But then the day came to break things off with our partners, and none of us could go through with it, I asked for more time, she said we definitely need more time...and that was over nine years ago. Though it isn't the love story I want to share today, it did make me wonder: WHAT IS THE TRUEST LOVE STORY OF ALL TIME?

It's the love God has for you. That is the greatest love story of all time.

Mshiha qam means "The Messiah has Risen."  Even if you won't celebrate Him today, at least say Thank you for dying for you.

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