I'm Hurting And Here's How You Can Help Me.

I grew up with a lot of fears. While some of them were just totally childish, others were serious like the fear of falling in a dream, an alien invasion, mediocrity, and the fear of visibility. Like most African millennials, I grew up with the idea that the only way I could achieve real success was to do what is normal. Get a degree, get another degree, get another or get a job. If you're going to get a job, make sure it requires a white collar, even though you would be killing yourself every day. I didn't like that very much, so I did what all square pegs do, I got over my fears. Don't get me wrong, an academic degree has its benefits, and I will get one or two for myself, but it is nothing compared to doing one's life's work. In the pursuit of my purpose and passion, I have been compelled to bury my fear of visibility. In doing so, I have found my voice, and now I want the world to hear me clearly. That is the first thing you can do for me, please get rid of your fears no matter how inconsequential they seem.

Getting rid of your fear of visibility isn't the only thing I want you to do for me. The world is growing in number and rate of unhappiness. What bothers me most is that depression is rising, and because of that, I have been working with different groups on possible ways to reduce depression in the world. The only solution we found is love. I wrote about depression and love here(Depression; The enemy. Isolation; The strategy. Love; The Counter-Strategy.) and you should read that later. But right now, I want you to decide that for the next month, you will show at least one person some extra love. And if you care about mental health as much as I do, you can donate towards the building of Traibe, a social network that will connect people using the things they are passionate about.

A few weeks ago, I told a story of how I was delivered a message in my dream. You should read the article here(What To Do When Nothing Is Working). But if you don't, I'll summarise the story. So, there are times when things get tough, and it seems like your plans are not going to work out. In times like that, I have learned to sleep it out. But recently, I have been made to face reality, and I have realised that it's not enough to dream big, you have to invest big too. And I'm not talking about money alone, I'm talking about life. You have to give something to get something back. Great success requires great sacrifice, and that sacrifice is your time and energy and focus. It's difficult, I know, I go through a lot of pain every day as well, but I also know that the rewards far exceed the discomfort.

Apart from writing about my journey and opening up about my fears, another thing I do frequently is take steps to help committed people like you stay committed. It's easy to decide and change in the heat of moment, but the real work comes when you have to wake up every day and convince yourself that you're doing something right, so a week ago, I decided to create a database for creatives and fellow dreamers, and I was hoping you could fill the form(Database For Creatives). I'll be your guide and trainer, you know it's funny how we spend thousands of dollars on training our bodies but don't spend half as must to train our minds. But you're different, and that is why you fill this form (Database for Creatives). Also, please share with others(remember, show someone some extra love).

That's it for now, I will stay in touch. I'll write to you, be your friend, your trainer and guide. I hope you can be my friend too. What would you like me to write about? Tell me on WhatsApp wa.me/2347061554392

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