The 3 Songs Everyone Should Listen To

“What kind of music do you like? ” I asked her. You see, music is one of the things that keeps me sane. Apart from the fact that it helps silence the voices in my head, music also helps me grow, relax and dream. For a decade now, I haven’t paid much attention to music, and so last week, I met up with my guys from Stripes, and as usual, it’s always a fun time around these guys. Anyway, while I’d like to give a detailed breakdown of how the day went, the one thing I want to to share with you because I love you is this dope playlist I listened to. I’ll be honest, everyone between 16 and 65 should jam to this collection of dope songs. Like I always do, I’ll do a short review of how some of these songs made me feel. Read on

I’m a big fan of Rick Ross and Drake, I’ve always said that if I could listen to any song for three days straight, it would be Money in the Grave (Drake featuring Rick Ross). Call it strange, but there’s a way that this song makes me feel. Have you ever wondered what you would do with the billions you’ll make in the future? Well, I have a few suggestions, but it would be better if you listened to this song in the playlist.

I once was asked about mans greatest achievement, and in a second, I said The moon landing πŸš€πŸš€. You see, inventing the aeroplane is great, going to (or putting a Tesla in) space is legendary, but the most significant achievement of humanity is going to the moon. I was looking through the playlist I just told you about, and one song caught my attention. Straight to the moon by Manuel cole. I don't know how best to describe this but I was in the shower when I heard this song, and at that moment, I felt like I was on my way to the moon. If I ever decide to go to the moon, literally, this would be the song I would jam to throughout. The vibe is crazy, and you should head straight to the moon by clicking this link(Apple music) or this link (SoundCloud). πŸš€πŸš€

“You’re a fool for love”, Mazi, a classmate from secondary school told me a few years ago. I won’t lie, I have a big heart and sometimes, I go overboard with my passions. Anyway, I was listening to this song Ovadose by King Miles, and it reminded me of an event that happened a few years ago, I had this girl I liked, and to impress her as well as outcompete other suitors, I performed West Life’s Fool again in front 2 thousand people, don't ask me how it went🀣🀣. Ovadose by King Miles reminds me that love conquers all. You should listen here.

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