Before we even think about posting our first advert or running our first campaign, some things have to be put in place, like pricing, customer service, online presence, delivery time optimization, and the quality of your product or service.

    Let’s start with pricing because this is one thing I have found many entrepreneurs ignore, and it costs customers and revenue. There are three things I want to say about pricing, I wrote a post about it on my personal blog here but if you haven’t seen it then here it is;
  1. Include the price of your product/service anytime you are advertising.
  2. Make sure you are not greedy, price optimally, or you won’t get as many customers/clients.
  3. Have a stable price, do not throw figures according to the vibe your customer gives you. It builds character, and you will avoid scandals.
     The next thing is customer service, and I want to say this for the people that don’t already know, your customers are the lifeline of your business, treat every single customer with respect, and your business will benefit from it. Also, make sure you have an online presence because the first thing your customers might do before paying you might be to check if you’re legit. Without a quality online presence, you will seem like a scam. Now we need to understand budgeting, demographics, and psychographics before running our first campaign. I'm excited already.

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