Unknown Destinations, Wrong Turns and Unexpected Outcomes. The Certainty in Uncertainty

“Lord, please give me a sign”, that was my prayer before I set out on an involuntary stroll a few nights ago, taking long walks is one of my favourite things to do when I need to think and clear my head. Usually, I like to walk in places I know. But, I was in a mood that night, and so I decided to go somewhere I haven’t been before. I took that risk because I needed a sign. I needed proof that even though my life seemed like being on a goose chase, I was going to turn out alright. 

So, I set out and walked, taking turns I didn’t know, knowing fully that the world is an evil place and being out that late was a significant risk. I’m not a big believer in coincidence because my faith in God doesn’t allow it so when I ended up a few metres from home, I knew it had to mean something, I knew I had found my sign. In all honesty, I walked without a known destination because I had already taken the most significant risk in life, and I thought, what else do I have to lose?

They say adversity introduces a man to himself, and I agree wholeheartedly. The last three years have been full of adversarial decisions. You know, there is a life of comfort I was used to. There is a life of dependence and normalcy that I had grown accustomed to, but deep down, I knew I had always wanted more. Not in terms of money and wealth (even though I’d like to be able to afford everything I didn’t grow up having) but I wanted to experience what it meant to create something. 

Growing up with so many tools, technologies and heroes, I wasn’t prepared to leave the earth unnoticed. I didn’t want to be a wandering statistic, and thus, I set out on a journey, much like the one I took that night except, I had an idea of a destination. I didn’t have a map to guide me, and I still don’t have one. But in my journey, I have taken so many wrong turns, I’d be a guide of what not to do. Lol, actually sounds funny in my head but the truth is, wrong turns are stressful, and stress is good for you.

Stress stretches you, it brings discomfort, and in a way, discomfort is right for you. Positively applied discomfort spurs ingenuity, discomfort inspires strength, grit, character and every quality the heroes you celebrate today have. But I’m tired of walking, I’m tired of making almost carefully calculated mistakes, and I hope you are too. We weren’t created to go through life carefully, we were put on this earth to do more. A wise man said that if you live a life of certainty, then you are living someone else’s life. 

I can’t say I have figured out fully what my destination is or where it is, but like the outcome of my walk, I am confident that I will end up somewhere expected, somewhere eyes have not seen. That is the certainty in uncertainty.

All that is required is that I don’t stop, I don’t turn back or fear the wrong turns because that is the stuff that makes up a fruitful and worthy journey.

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